Modes On The Camera For Newbies

Modes On The Camera For Newbies

Modes On The Camera, all cameras have at least five basic mode. Program, manual Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Auto Mode. In addition to the other modes that may exist such as the choice of a particular scene, you may also have your camera in the Bulp mode. 

The following is an explanation of what most camera mode it did:


When you set the camera into Program mode, the camera determines both the aperture or shutter speed, ISO and you choose. You often can override this setting and set the camera on a certain aperture while shutter speed using the reverse comparison, or vice versa


Manual mode gives you full control over camera settings. This is a good option if you do not want the camera took the decision for you, and often in use in lighting or strobe. Many who use this mode when photographing a model or food photography.


Aperture Priority allows you to set the aperture and ISO, while the camera shutter speed set based on an existing light. This is another setting that I often use, as he prefers to be able to fully control the depth of field. You can still hold full control over exposure, the camera lets you play to overexposure or under exposure your photos.


With shutter priority, you choose the shutter speed and ISO, and the camera determines the aperture. This is a good setting if you want to control the amount of motion in your photos and not too attentive to the depth of field.


Most Auto mode will take over control of the camera will completely and does not give you the option of going to any setting.


Bulb mode controls shutter speed, while you set the aperture and ISO. With this mode, the shutter speed of the camera remains open as long as your finger is pressing the shutter. This mode is often used together with cable release and tripod, so you can eliminate camera shake by pressing shutter from afar. This is often done for a very long exposure, such as to create a trail of stars or photographing subjects such as Fireworks or lightning.

Thanks hopefully the explanation about modes on the camera for newbies can be more help in the knowledge of photography and practice.

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