Types Of Tripods And Tips On Choosing It

Types Of Tripods And Tips On Choosing It

The tripod is one of a very important tool for the photographer, especially for landscape photographers, this tool is an absolute must in the carry, and below we try to discuss about a good tripod to use a landscape photographer. 

Two Reasons Why A Tripod Is Essential

There are two reasons why a tripod is essential for landscape photographers.
  1. A tripod help in stabilizing your camera when you're photographing with a low shutter speed. Cause no one out of a sharp photo landscape is the movement or camera shake when exposure. Once in a good tripod and reduce the possibility of it. So for you landscape photographers who want to get the maximum quality of any lenses, must be using a tripod.
  2. A tripod help you lock down your composition and smooth when in need. Because the landscape does not move when you take a picture, you can relax by getting the best composition of the scenery and take pictures. With put your camera on a tripod, you can be more ready to learn and adjust your composition.
Although the tripod is essential for photographers-landscape, it's not sexy to another gear. Most photographers the appropriate skimp on tripod and spend their money for a camera and lens. I can assure you will get high quality pictures on a consistent basis with a DSLR and lenses that are not expensive and a tripod that is solid and strong, rather than with the more expensive DSLR and tripod pro cheap or without tripod at all.

Crappy quality tripods will not give you image quality which can be achieved by your camera. Consider a nice tripod for investment, it will last a long time and will not be outdated, and don't skimp on the tripod.

Two Types Of Tripod

There are two types of tripod head ball head and head pan and tilt its shape like a frying pan and can tilt. Landscape photography can be to both of them and some photographers choose the one from the other.

The head of the ball with a ball and socket to combine your camera to the tripod. Therefore, the ball and socket head, this could make the variations movement is not limited to adjust the position of your camera. You need to find a ball head has a large enough ball to lock your camera tight into place when you've got the best position. Many landscape photographers once really loved the head of this type because it is quick and easy positioning of the camera

Pan and tilt heads using levers to make you can tilt the camera left and right separately with up and down. Some photographers choose this head type because you can customize the different angles of the camera separately, which heads the ball always adapts itself to each direction in want. This means, for example, you tilt up and down to frame the entire scenery, then to the left and to the right to correct the tilted horizon.

To Choose A Good Tripod, Follow The Following Tip:

  • Find the tripod that is easily installed and in carrying. Surely you don't want to carry a tripod which undermines your own, and too heavy on the carry.
  • Buy a tripod at a camera store. The best tripod camera is in store, not at a discount store.
  • Consider the carbon fiber tripod. It is indeed expensive, but very light and very strong. And sturdy to hold your camera steady and silent. And again, when the temperature goes down, the tripod it won't make your cold fingers like a metal tripod.
  • When looking for a tripod, length up to the maximum height, then tilt and give it a little twist. A sturdy tripod will not sway when you're doing it.
  • Check out what his feet changed the angle range so that it can adjust the tripod easier on uneven ground. If the legs of the tripod has only a corner of the set while stretching, it will be more difficult to use while on location with uneven ground, claiming we are sure to find a location like that while photographing the landscape.
  • See some of the parts on the legs of the tripod. Most of the legs of the tripod is divided into three. Some are designed for travel is divided into four, make sure it is sturdy enough, and there are also four-legged tripod out there that are very good. Avoid tripods with more than four parts.
And that is no less important in the selection of the tripod is the head of the tripod. Several tripod-headed but nothing else should buy the head separately. The head of a sturdy but lightweight essential for a lightweight tripod with the mismatch as well

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